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Joyous Jurassic Parties

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Jurassic RGV is a new Harlingen-based, family-run party entertainment company serving the Rio Grande Valley. As the name suggests, they feature realistic puppet dinosaurs! Inspired by Jurassic World at Universal Studios, Jurassic RGV is meant to bring the magic of Hollywood to the Valley to make little kids' dinosaur fantasies a reality.

David and Cindy Benitez, along with their sons Daniel and Jacob, run Jurassic RGV. The staff also includes dino crew leaders Jayden and Nolan. They are passionate about spreading joy and keeping families together, especially during the stresses of the pandemic. All shows are family-friendly, with the dinos being playful, never aggressive.

As of August 2021, they have three entertainment options:

  1. Telegram from a Dino - send a special message to someone in a unique way ($25)

  2. Dino appearance (no show) - 45 minutes, includes one game, pictures with guest cameras ($150)

  3. Dino show - 2 to 2.5 hours depending on size of party, includes show, dancing, and pictures with Jurassic RGV camera ($300 in Harlingen or $325 outside of Harlingen). If the event is a birthday party, the price also includes a singalong and the birthday boy or girl can walk the dinosaur. For an additional $20, you can add on a dinosaur sand dig and egg hunt to any dino show. (Please keep in mind that parties like these in bigger cities can cost up to $1,000.)

Prices listed above are based on the dinosaurs they currently have: Baby Rexy, the baby T-Rex; Jojo Rex, the teenage T-Rex; Blue, the velociraptor; and Sara, the triceratops. They are in the process of adding two more adult dinosaurs by the end of the year.

If you are interested in booking a Jurassic RGV event, please message them on Facebook. They will let you know if your date is open (they have bookings through December but have some spots available). Then they will email you a contract. You can reserve your date with a completed contract and $100 deposit.

Jurassic RGV is a very new entertainment offering that we are lucky to have in Harlingen! Word is just getting out about this awesome entertainment party supplier, so if you are interested in booking them for a private show, birthday party, school (anti-bullying) event, or church function, contact them quickly to reserve your preferred date.


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