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Getting and Staying Healthy in Harlingen

Updated: Mar 17

(This article was written by Lisa Campos and appeared in the January 2024 issue of the Explore Harlingen Magazine.)

Photo courtesy of Reborn Strength Athletic Center

The start of the new year brings hope for new beginnings; a chance to start over; and resolve to take active steps for self-improvement.

Lots of people make New Year’s resolutions to eat better, work out, and lose weight, but many don’t know where to start. Therefore, here is a list of ways to attain your resolutions in Harlingen by finding healthy places to eat, facilities to exercise in, fitness classes to attend, and more.

Photo courtesy of Just Fresh

Healthy Dining

Get a Salad, 2310 Spur 54, Suite 10, 956-230-4694

Good Eats, 1237 N. 77 Sunshine Strip, 956-564-0903

Just Fresh, 1501 S. “H” Street, 956-230-5379

Tropical Smoothie Café, 6710 W. Expressway 83, 956-245-7359

Photo courtesy of PreGame Nutrition

Nutrition/Juice Bars

All Star Nutrition, 902 Dixieland Road, Suite 103A, 956-230-1645

Ed Carey Nutrition, 216 N. Ed Carey Drive, Suite 2, 956-536-9487

Extreme Nutrition, 1418 E. Tyler, 956-412-1050

Healthy Life Nutrition, 1617 E. Harrison, Suite D, 956-569-5418

Krave Market, 1614 W. Filmore, 956-230-5565

MOFI Nutrition – Energy Bar, 214 W. Jackson, 956-230-1279

Perfect Body Shake Bar, 614 N. Ed Carey Drive, 956-230-0228

PreGame Nutrition,1548 N. 77 Sunshine Strip, 956-244-0038

Pumpd Nutrition, 1729 W. Harrison, 956-734-5252

Texas Health Nut, 1706 S. 77 Sunshine Strip, 956-200-4092

Photo courtesy of Reborn Strength Athletic Center

Gyms/Exercise Facilities

Better Bodyz Personal Training and Nutrition, 605 Kamali Drive, 956-490-4533

CrossFit Stamina, 5001 Logan’s Run Circle, Suite C, 956-746-7710

Gentry Gym, 6908 W. Expressway 83, 956-291-7068

Gold’s Gym, 2000 S. Expressway 83, 956-365-4653

Harlingen Senior Community Center by WellMed, 509 S. Expressway 83, Suite B-1, 956-365-4732

Iron Core Gym, 221 W. Harrison, 956-216-7555

Orangetheory Fitness, 6710 W. Expressway 83, Suite 104, 956-752-3470

Photo courtesy of Training for Warriors

Perfect Body Shake Bar Studio, 614 N. Ed Carey Drive, 956-230-0228

Planet Fitness, 913 N. 13th Street, Suite 26, 956-616-4447

Reborn Strength Athletic Club, 122 W. Jackson

Tone Up Health & Fitness, 1500 W. Harrison, Suite A, 956-438-8663

Training for Warriors, 723 N. 77 Sunshine Strip, 956-426-0880

TruFit Athletic Club, 1001 N. Ed Carey Drive, 956-368-5634

Zeus Pump House, 320 N. Commerce, Unit 2A, 956-659-9696

Photo courtesy of Johnny's Korean Karate

Martial Arts

4th Quarter Athletic Training Center, 3613 U.S. Business 83, 956-200-6100

8ight Limbs Academy, 920 W. Van Buren, 956-454-6015

Johnny’s Korean Karate, 302 W. Madison, 956-428-7750

Metamorphix Martial Arts, 114 N. “A” Street, 956-752-8443

Premier Martial Arts, 624 S. Ed Carey, 956-428-5425

Rio Grand Valley Arts Studio, 1025 W. Jackson, 956-412-1314

Strangle Cartel Jiu-Jitsu, 712 N. 77 Sunshine Strip, Suite 27, 956-454-7457

Fitness Classes

Harlingen Parks and Recreation (Tu Salud Si Cuenta), 956-216-5164

Healthy Initiatives and Event Organizers

Footworks Start to Finish RGV, 2224 S. 77 Sunshine Strip, Suite 94, 956-423-3131

Healthy Kids

Monarch Dance Studio, 888 Morgan, 956-200-1857

Palm Valley Gymnastics and Dance, 3204 Wilson Road, 956-423-6488

Rio Grand Valley Arts Studio, 1025 W. Jackson, 956-412-1314

South Motion Gymnastics, 1108 S. Commerce, 956-454-9073


Goat Yoga of South Texas, 956-245-3162

Herbin Wellness Apothecary + Tea Bar, 801 E. Tyler, 956-254-6818

Karuna Soul Living, 956-552-7862

My Body Pilates, 202 W. Monroe, 956-368-5001

Whole Life Wellness Center (Aum Yoga Studio), 401 E. Filmore, 956-412-3745

Zumba/Dance for local class information

Photo courtesy of Harlingen Parks and Recreation

Walking/Hike and Bike Trails

Arroyo Park, 2-mile walking trail, nature trails, hike and bike trail, 1110 New Hampshire Street

City Lake Park/Liberty Gardens, 7-mile walking trail, 575 N. ’76 Drive

Hugh Ramsey Nature Park, 1.5-mile walking trail, nature trails, 1000 South Block Loop 499

McKelvey Park, 2-mile walking trail, hike and bike trail, 1401 S. 77 Sunshine Strip

Pendleton Park, 1-mile walking trail, 1427 Morgan Blvd.

Harlingen Soccer Complex, 1.2-mile walking trail, 4515 E. Harrison

Harlingen Sports Complex, 1-mile walking trail, 3239 Wilson Road

Rangerville Park, ¾-mile walking trail, 1101 S. Rangerville Road

For more information on these and more parks in Harlingen, please visit


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