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A Raging Good Time

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

When I told my 8-year-old daughter about the new rage room in Harlingen, Out-RAGE-Us, she wanted to go immediately. Out-RAGE-Us, "the original STX rage room" opened in Harlingen on July 16, 2021. They started with one rage room on opening day, but quickly expanded to two rage rooms, with a new paint splatter room already in the works.

I went to their website to make a reservation. They currently have three options:

  1. BYOB Bring Your Own Breakables - 15 minutes for $15 per person

  2. Regular Session - 20 minutes for $30 per person

  3. Big Bang Session - 45 minutes for $50 per person

We chose the Regular Session and paid in full to reserve our spot. (Kids are $5 less so I was refunded $5 after our session.) When we arrived, we signed the waiver (or you can save time by filling it out online). We waited for a few minutes while they were cleaning up the room from the previous appointment.

We were taken to the back to get suited up with jumpsuit, goggles, construction hats, and gloves. We were asked to choose two items each to use in the rage room. Choices included hammers, baseball bats, and golf clubs. (Pro tip: the golf clubs worked the best for us, doing the most damage!)

Once we got into our rage room, we were given some safety instructions and were asked not to hit the walls directly, although we could throw things against them. We were provided with two crates of breakables (plates, glasses, coffee cups, old radios, etc.). Then the timer began and we went for it! I had never seen my daughter like that! She destroyed everything, lol. And I could tell she was having an excellent time. It's hard to think that little kids have stress, but with the challenges of the pandemic, virtual learning, and lack of socialization during Covid, I couldn't blame her!

About halfway through our session, the staff asked if we wanted water to drink. I am glad they did because with the jumpsuit and other items we had to wear, we got hot quickly. We took a brief water break and then continued. We had wanted them to record video of us, but the video was only set up in one of the two rooms. I believe they are working on take-home videos for an added cost. I was able to make a quick video of her destroying an old TV.

Overall, we had a blast! It was an awesome way to relieve stress. Where else can you break stuff and not get in trouble? My daughter said she wanted to come back again! If you are sensitive to strobe lighting or loud music, this activity might not be for you.

Out-RAGE-Us The Original STX Rage Room

802 E. Harrison

Harlingen TX 78550


They are open 5 pm to 11 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; and 3 pm to 12 midnight on Friday and Saturday (closed on Sunday and Monday).


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