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Painting Prodigy

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Chances are if you have seen a brightly colored, modern, and eclectic mural in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV), it was created by Hector Guerra.

Born in Brownsville, Hector started sketching as a young child to fantasize and escape reality. He has lived most of his life in Mission. In middle school, he started skateboarding and break dancing. He wanted to become a professional break dancer and practiced daily. But he always created art for fun.

He earned a scholarship to study art at the University of Texas Pan American, but ironically had it taken away when he was caught doing graffiti. He was asked to see if he could paint trucks, and that became his first job. His strong work ethic combined with his natural talent fueled his ambition to learn more and constantly improve. However, when the trend passed, he had to figure out what to do next.

He worked retail at American Eagle until he eventually decided to partner with a friend to open their own shop. There still wasn't enough creative work for him so he started doing the kind of art that he does today. His first gig was with a barbershop.

Hector has quickly evolved from a street artist into a well sought-after muralist. He specializes in murals created with mixed media (spray paint/airbrush/brush). His motto of "color everything" is transparent in his consistently fresh, contemporary, and fun artwork, which can be enjoyed at several restaurants, bars, and other businesses throughout the RGV such as:

  • More than 10 local barbershops

  • City of Hidalgo

  • Iced Cube, Harlingen

  • Frankie Flav'z Craft BBQ, Harlingen

  • Calacas Tacos and Beer, Harlingen and San Benito

  • 80's Brewery, McAllen

  • Frankie Flav'z Craft Burger House, San Benito

Follow Hector on social media to keep up with his latest projects:

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