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Ghost Hunting in Historic Downtown Harlingen

Updated: Mar 17

(This article appeared in the inaugural Explore Harlingen Magazine, October 2023 issue.)

Married couple Darrin Bippes and Lysa Hillestad of Leaux Leaux Paranormal Investigations LLC (Leaux Leaux) have been conducting fun and informational ghost tours in downtown Harlingen since September 2022.

Photo of Lysa and Darrin, courtesy of Ramzey

For more than 20 years, they have traveled the United States and parts of Ontario, Canada investigating paranormal activity, and are now living in Harlingen, Texas and offering their expertise with their downtown ghost tours.

When they did ghost tours in New Orleans, they were told that “leaux” meant ghost in Cajun and the name resonated with them when they decided to name their business.

Currently, Leaux Leaux offers two types of tours in Harlingen on Friday and Saturday nights: the Haunted History Tour and the Nuthin’ But Ghost Tour.

Haunted History Tour (Kid Friendly)

The Haunted History Tour, held at 8 pm, includes a guided tour through downtown Harlingen with a history lesson from when Harlingen was founded in 1904. They discuss which locations have been noted as having lingering ghosts. It lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Ms. Hillestad described the Haunted History Tour as having “about nine locations. It’s not just about ghosts; it’s about the history of Harlingen. I love history so we go to some of the different buildings that have been here a long time. I give a chronological history from the founding until now.”

Nuthin’ But Ghost Tour (May Not Be Suitable for Children)

The Nuthin’ But Ghost Tour, held at 10 pm, examines a set of locations in downtown Harlingen where Leaux Leaux has personally experienced paranormal activity. All participants receive ghost hunting equipment to use during this tour. It lasts about two hours.

“The Nuthin’ But Ghost Tour is strictly ghost hunting. We have four locations. We give our equipment to each participant to use to see if they can find a ghost. And most people do!” Ms. Hillestad exclaimed.

Photo of Lysa and Darrin, courtesy of Ramzey

What to Know Before You Go

People attending the tours are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes because they might end up walking between one to two miles. The Haunted History Tour starts promptly at 8 pm so that the Nuthin’ But Ghost Tour starts on time at 10 pm. Participants meet at Lozano Plaza (corner of “A” Street and Jackson). Each tour costs $15 per person. Kids aged 10 and younger are free for the Haunted History Tour.

Tours occur regularly on the second and fourth weekends of the month. However, for the month of October, they will be offering their ghost tours every weekend. To purchase tickets for the next tour, visit the Leaux Leaux website, For more information, you can contact Lysa Hillestad at 956-234-1091,

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