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Bio Med Equipment Services

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Bio Med Tech Solutions (BMTS) is a biotechnology company that provides high-quality service to you and your patients. They simplify equipment maintenance and repair, avoiding downtime and saving money. Their team offers fast troubleshooting, repairs, and planned maintenance.

At BMTS, they are committed to providing you and your patients with the high-quality service you expect and deserve. BMTS simplifies the maintenance and repair of your equipment by providing on-site and depot services, preventing downtime, and saving money. Their team offers timely troubleshooting, repairs, and scheduled maintenance for all of our customers' equipment.

Hospitals, surgical centers, medical institutions, practitioners, and clinicians rely on BMTS' active Service Department for medical equipment repair and maintenance services. Field services are available throughout the United States. Preventative maintenance and emergency repair are all services BMTS provides. Other options include 24-hour assistance, response time, and loaner equipment.

BMTS is a mobile company that comes to its customers. They service the Rio Grande Valley.

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