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A Glimpse into Your Day: Timeless Fashion Wedding & Quinceañera Expo

Updated: May 29

(This article was written by Abigail Muniz-Garcia and appeared in the June 2024 issue of Explore Harlingen Magazine.)

Vanessa Martinez wants people to feel inspired when they visit the “Timeless Fashion Wedding & Quinceañera Expo” happening on June 2nd in Harlingen.

“It’s gonna be a glimpse of your beautiful day,” Martinez said.

The event has been in the works since January. Martinez, who is a small business owner herself, hopes that the expo will also help spotlight other small businesses in the Harlingen area.

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Martinez.

“I’ve met a ton of small businesses in Harlingen that are ready to provide a service and they just haven’t been able to find the exposure yet,” she said. “If we can find a way for (customers) to connect to local businesses, it becomes more personal.”

During the event, visitors can expect a runway show every hour on the hour. Martinez said that they will take volunteers on the spot to try on dresses.

“The theme that I’m trying to go around is the dresses,” she said. “What makes mine different from the other expos is that the teen girls are modeling (the quinceañera dresses).”

The goal is to have at least 25 vendors for the event. There will also be door prizes ranging from $25 to $4,000, which will be provided by the vendors that will take part in the expo.

She said that she wants guests to feel at ease when they enter the event.

“It’s not invasive; everything is free,” she said. “You’re interviewing these businesses to see if you match with them.”

Martinez has been the business owner of Serenity & Grace Bakery & Boutique in Harlingen for four years. While she’s referred to as the “cookie lady” because of her specialty macarons, she sees herself as more of a themed party planner.

“That’s my umbrella. I love detailing desserts and that’s my specialty now,” she said. “It really does make me feel special to make (the customer’s) party memorable.”

While she hopes that this event is memorable for all the attendants, she hopes to also make it a yearly event.

“I’m hoping that if we continue to do this at least once a year, vendors will look forward to it. This will start and encourage other businesses to join and be part of it,” she said.

The Timeless Fashion Wedding & Quinceañera Expo will take place on Sunday, June 2, 2024 from 1 pm to 5 pm at La Fontana Event Center located on 2102 W Teege Ave. in Harlingen. It’s free and open to the community.


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